I’ve spent much of my career finding ways to best integrate technology to stretch my classroom resources, increase student engagement, diversify instruction to reach every student, and provide students with tools to become content creators — not just content consumers! My research has focused on blended learning and tech integration best practices, and because I have experienced so much success with applying what I’ve learned in my classroom, I want to help other teachers and schools find better ways to reach diverse learners, too. Much of what we call “blended learning” in our schools is actually not best blended learning practices, so I have my work cut out for me! My professional passions are: creative learning, current Edtech trends, collaborative projects, designing blended learning systems and digital learning environments, using action research to study and improve systems, universal design/design thinking, and making the most out of school technology investments! It’s a good day when I can help teachers solve a classroom problem and see students get excited about learning.My teaching and learning philosophy leans toward the constructivists, with growing amounts of connectivist learning.  You can read my learning philosophy at this link.  While I’ve taught in K-12 schools for my entire career, my goal is to transition into a position where I can work with educators to promote the best digital learning practices.  My work as a digital coach and my graduate work through Lamar University has prepared me to be a leader and create positive change in the way we teach and learn — especially in the way we apply technology to our practices. I recently moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in search of new opportunities to, quite literally, follow the words of Mahatma Gandhi and “be the change” I wish to see in the world — especially in the way we teach and learn. I love designing learning environments and experiences that empower students to become self-motivated learners and leaders.  I believe very strongly that learning is power, and that access to opportunities to truly learn (and to learn HOW to learn) is one of the greatest social justice issues of today.








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